Expectations of students

Members of the Sixth Form work in an adult environment and many of the structures and protocols in place emulate those in the workplace or in higher education. This means that Sixth Form students are expected to:

  • Be proactive, and use their initiative, in all day-to-day routines including time-keeping and time-management.
  • Present themselves in a professional manner by following the Academy's Sixth Form Dress Code and being organised.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner befitting their age, and their status as senior members of the Academy’s community, both inside and outside the building and its environs.
  • Attend everyday, and be punctual to all lessons, meetings, etc. (expectations of attendance and punctuality are very high indeed, and will match expectations in the workplace.)
  • Work hard and ensure they meet all deadlines for their subjects.
  • Participate fully in all the support and enrichment opportunities available to them.
  • Keep their Identity Card with them at all times.

As a young adult, Sixth Form students are expected to demonstrate maturity at all times.  They will also be expected to take on additional responsibilities, particularly in terms of developing strengths in self-discipline, self-reliance and independence. You will also have the responsibility of being a role model for younger students at the Academy.

The Academy does not expect any discipline problems from Sixth Form students and positively promotes students developing strong, respectful working relationships with fellow students and with members of staff.