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Interhouse Cross Country 2017

Interhouse Cross Country 2017

Interhouse Cross Country

2 weeks ago saw years 7-10 taking part in the inter house cross country event. As in previous years it was a well-represented competition with some excellent finishing times notably Evie Thomas in year 7, who set a new girls course record and Jack Goven in year 10, who set a new boys course record. Well done to all those who took part and a big congratulations to those who finished in the top 4 and will be representing the Academy at the secondary school games competition at Rochester Maths School.

Congratulations to Leviathan who won the cross country overall.

Results were:

House year 7 Points
Cavalier (green) 95
Gannett (blue) 95
Leviathan (red) 135
Ocelot (yellow) 103
House Year 8 Total
Cavalier (green) 38
Gannett (blue) 50
Leviathan (Red) 60
Ocelot (yellow) 111
House Year 9 Points
Cavalier (green) 78
Gannett (blue) 49
Leviathan (red) 33
Ocelot (yellow) 20
House Year 10 Points
Cavalier (green) 42
Gannett (blue) 65
Leviathan (red) 93
Ocelot (yellow) 38



House Total
Cavalier (green) 253
Gannett (blue) 259
Leviathan (Red) 321
Ocelot (yellow) 272