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Interhouse Competition

Interhouse Competition

Inter-house Sportshall Athletics

Year 7 Competition

On Monday 11th December the Sixth form sports leaders organised year 7 Inter-house sportshall Athletics competition. A big well done to all the pupils that took part and congratulations to Gannet Blue who were the eventual winners.

Final Points table.

Total Points
Red Leviathan 113
Blue Gannet 131
Gold Ocelot 99
Green Cavalier 107


Year 8 Competition

On the same day the year 8 pupils took part in the sportshall athletics competition, which involved 4 boys and 4 girls from each house competing in field events like indoor shot putt and speed bounce and running events including 2 lap 4 lap and relay races.

It was a hard fought competition with some excellent individual performances, but congratulations to Leviathan Red who were the eventual winners.

Final Points table

Total Points
 Red Leviathan 135
Blue Gannet 103
Gold Ocelot 104
Green Cavalier 112

Well done to the Level 3 sports leaders for organising and running a successful event. They are Courtney Taylor, Kirsty Aldridge, Devon Maynard, Flynn Picot and Ruslans Kupriajnovs.