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Design a Bag Competition

Design a Bag Competition


One of your students’ designs has been shortlisted for the 2018 Get Set to Eat Fresh Design a Bag Competition!

The Design a Bag competition inspired an amazing total of over 30,000 entries – tens of thousands of young people up and down the country creating designs!

We have been amazed by the number of excellent entries received, so narrowing these down to a shortlist of just over 80 entries was a very difficult task. However from The Victory Academy we are happy to let you know that Otylia Bastian’s design was shortlisted by our judges – a huge congratulations to both Otylia and your school! The judges were very impressed with the skill shown in a simple, but effective and fun design!

Otylia’s shortlisted certificate will be on its way to your school shortly.

Congratulations once again to your shortlisted student! We hope they, and the rest of your students, enjoyed taking part in the competition.

Please feel free to share your Design a Bag success, and remember to keep us updated on your school’s healthy eating stories, by sharing a story as a showcase on the Get Set to Eat Fresh community page, or as a tweet using our hashtag #GetSetEatFresh.

Best wishes,

Get Set to Eat Fresh