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The Victory Academy chosen to take part in a national press campaign by the DfE

The Victory Academy chosen to take part in a national press campaign by the DfE

Last week The Victory Academy was chosen to take part in a national press campaign by the DfE.

The national coverage focused on how secondary schools have safely and successfully reopened their doors to students in Years 10 and 12. We’re delighted that The Victory Academy agreed to be photographed, interviewed and filmed for the campaign and they really rose to the challenge.

The newspaper article that featured as a double page spread in all national titles and websites, featured Mandy Gage (Director of Education – Chatham) and Elstella (Year 10 student).

We are incredibly proud of Elstella who spoke movingly about the challenges of educating at home and how pleased she was to be back at school.

As well as the press interviews, students and staff at The Victory Academy were asked to take part in the creation of a social media campaign that will be released today through the DFE channels!

Last Tuesday a film crew from London descended into the school and captured students and teachers safely continuing their school days in ‘bubble’ life.

It was a great honour for us all to be a part of this project and thank you to everyone who got involved, from making the school safe and presentable and to the students and staff who agreed to be interviewed.

Mandy Gage, Director of Education – Chatham, said:  

“Thank you to everyone who helped us to take part in this project. It was a wonderful opportunity for our school and well deserved recognition for the demanding work and robust planning that went into the safe return to school.

“A big shout out to our students who were very brave agreeing to be interviewed. You all spoke honestly and passionately and you did our school proud. I hope you enjoyed the experience.”

This is a great recognition that resonates throughout all of our schools who have delivered safe environments for their students.

You can watch the video on DfE’s social media or on our Facebook page at: