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Year 7 – Student testimonials

Seren – It has been the best time of my life. I have made so many new friends! It is a big school but it’s like a bigger version of Primary. Social time is great, we play games and hang out and it is so much fun. The best thing about being in Year 7 is that there are so many nice teachers and Mrs Crane-Herbert is the best head of year and she helps us all out a lot.


Carmen – The term has been very hectic and different but this is definitely the best school in Kent. The Heads of year are excellent and help with everything. There is a large selection of delicious food. When I was in Year 6, I was worried about making friends, but I’ve made some amazing ones here!


Frankie – My first term in Year 7 has been great because all the teachers are great and you can make friends quickly. In work terms we revise everything that we have done in primary school and learn really exciting things. If you are polite and respectful you will shine like a star and be an amazing ‘Victory Citizen’.


Stefan – My first term at The Victory Academy was quite interesting and I have loved it. The teachers are amazing. Student Services also help me out on my way into my second term. The school made the transition from primary school easy.


Ismila – I am one of many Year 7 pupils at The Victory Academy. I believe The Victory Academy is a school that allows pupils to achieve what they want to achieve. This school gives us lots of opportunities that others just didn’t provide. All members of staff are excellent especially our Head of Year.


Shayla – My first term was great! I had brilliant teachers and I met lots of people and if you’re wondering if you’re going to get bullied. Don’t worry! It always gets sorted out quickly by Mrs Crane-Herbert. I was bullied in Year 6 and when it started in Year 7 our Head of Year dealt with it straight away and I’ve not had any issues since. The food is great! It’s a great school, I really recommend you come.


Sarah – The first term in Year 7 was awesome, I loved it I made a lot of friends. I really like the teachers they are so friendly and kind. My favourite subject is English. I really enjoy the first term.


William – When I first came to Victory, all the teachers and students are welcoming. I especially like Design Technology as it is so practical. Also in every lesson the teachers are so kind and always helpful. And the food is amazing!


Brooke – If you have a problem you can go to Student Services and Mrs Crane-Herbert our Head of Year. In the Galley they have the best cookies! You should have no fear it is calm and nice you don’t have to worry you will be safe and have lots of fun.  Also, if you like art, English, maths they have every subject here and I love them all!


Emily – My first term in Year 7 has been amazing, everyone is really friendly and kind all the teachers are really lovely too, especially the Head of Year. All lessons are pretty normal and if you need help all teachers will help. It has been different due to Corona but we are being kept safe and healthy.