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Mr Carr Graduates as a Chartered Teacher!

Mr Carr Graduates as a Chartered Teacher!

We are thrilled to announce that our very own James – our Head of Department for Business, Mathematics Teacher and Head of Year 10 – recently became a qualified Chartered Teacher after passing the C-Teach Programme with flying colours.

This Programme is one of the most challenging for teachers in the country. However, it provides teachers opportunities to bridge the gap between practice and research, allowing them to become confident practitioners with strong pedagogical knowledge.

Becoming a Chartered teacher highlights James’ commitment to developing teaching and allows him to carry out research, learn about new pedagogical practice areas and become an expert in his chosen field.

James said, “It is difficult to summarise what becoming a Chartered Teacher means to me. I started the Programme as I wanted to challenge my thinking and practice; the C-Teach journey has meant that I now think more critically about what I do each day in the classroom and engage with research to support the approaches I use. I am most definitely a better practitioner now than when I started. The assignments, such as the research-based improvement project, has challenged my preconceptions and enabled me to analyse the benefit gained by the strategies I use. Being part of this growing network has benefited the students I teach, my peers and myself as a professional.”

Congratulations to Mr Carr on this fantastic achievement and successfully taking the next step in your professional growth!