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Important Information Regarding Attendance Expectations at The Victory Academy

  • Every student at The Victory Academy should strive for 100% attendance.
  • The Government target for students is 96%. Contact will be made with parents/carers when their child’s attendance falls below 96%.
  • Medical appointments, unless an emergency or consultant, must be made for after school or during the school holidays. Medical letters/appointment cards must be provided to authorise these absences. (Students attend school for 190 days of the year, leaving 175 days for appointments and holidays)
  • Holidays during term time will not be authorised. If there are special circumstance, please apply in writing to the Principal.
  • Where possible, time off school must be applied for prior to the absence, in writing.
  • Absences will not be authorised if: you have overslept or had a late night, problems with uniform, birthdays, forgotten school dates, going shopping, etc.
  • The first and last day of term is a normal working school day and so students are expected to attend. Having these days off equates to 12 days absence per year.
  • If your child is required to take medication, we can accommodate this in school. Please contact Student Services to arrange.
  • If your child sustains an injury, we may be able to accommodate them in school. Please contact Student Services to arrange.
100% Attendance 0 Days Missed Excellent
96% Attendance 8 Days of absence

1 Week and 3 Days of Learning Missed

95% Attendance 9 Days of Absence

1 Week and 4 Days of

Learning Missed

90% Attendance 19 Days of Absence

3 Weeks and 4 Days of Learning Missed

85% Attendance 28 Days of Absence

5 Weeks and 3 Days of

Learning Missed

Very Poor
80% Attendance 38 Days of Absence

7 Weeks and 3 Days of

Learning Missed

75% Attendance 46 Days of Absence

9 Weeks and 1 Day of

Learning Missed


The Law

The 1996 Education Act clearly states “If any child of compulsory age, who is a registered pupil at a school, fails to attend regularly, the parent/carer of the child shall be guilty of an offence.”



  • Students should arrive by 8:30am, ready for line up at 8:35am. Arriving after 8:40am means that a late mark will be recorded on your child’s attendance and they must attend a late detention that evening. We run a free breakfast club from 7:45am for all students.
  • Being late to school means your child misses out on important information given in the morning.
  • Lateness will result in contact from the Academy.
Minutes late per day during the school year Equals days worth of teaching lost in a year
5 Minutes 3.4 Days
10 Minutes 6.9 Days
15 Minutes 10.3 Days
20 Minutes 13.8 Days
30 Minutes 20.7 Days

The Law

The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 also introduced the use of fixed penalty notices as an additional sanction to address the problem of poor punctuality. Failure to ensure your child’s prompt arrival at school may result in prosecution in the courts or a fixed penalty notice being issued.

How Parents Can Help

  • Establish a good routine in the mornings and evenings so your child is prepared for the school day ahead.
  • Make sure your child goes to school regularly and follows the school rules.
  • Ensure your child arrives at school on time.
  • Arrange dental and medical appointments outside school hours when possible.
  • Always inform the school if your child is absent due to illness – this should be followed up with a written note when your child returns to school.
  • Take truancy seriously – if your child is not attending school as you expect they may be putting themselves at risk – Who are they with? What are they doing?
  • Take family holidays outside term time.
  • Talk to your child about school and take an interest in their school work (including homework).
  • Attend parent evenings and school events.
  • Praise and reward your child’s achievements at school.
  • Always support school staff in their efforts to control difficult or challenging behaviour.
  • Discuss any problems or difficulties with the school – staff are there to help and will be supportive.


  • Certificates awarded on a termly basis for 100%.
  • Privilege card, which entitles first entry into lunch, awarded termly for 100%.
  • Prize draw entry every 2 terms.
  • End of year prize draw for 100% for the year – prize currently a bike.
  • Positive points – exchanged in our school rewards shop.


We are here to help. Please contact Miss Reeve, Attendance Improvement Manager or your child’s Head of Year if you need support.

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