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  • Students should arrive by 8:30am, ready for line up at 8:35am. Arriving after 8:40am means that a late mark will be recorded on your child’s attendance and they must attend a late detention that evening. We run a free breakfast club from 7:45am for all students.
  • Being late to school means your child misses out on important information given in the morning.
  • Lateness will result in contact from the Academy.
Minutes late per day during the school year Equals days worth of teaching lost in a year
5 Minutes 3.4 Days
10 Minutes 6.9 Days
15 Minutes 10.3 Days
20 Minutes 13.8 Days
30 Minutes 20.7 Days

The Law

The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 also introduced the use of fixed penalty notices as an additional sanction to address the problem of poor punctuality. Failure to ensure your child’s prompt arrival at school may result in prosecution in the courts or a fixed penalty notice being issued.