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School Meals

Young people need to eat plenty of foods high in important nutrients to keep them healthy and growing properly, and help them to concentrate on their studies so they can learn more.

Choosing for your child to eat a ‘school meal’ provided by the Academy is a good way of ensuring that they eat healthily. School Meals also provide children with lots of energy-foods,needed to ensure that they can be active enough to keep them physically fit without eating too many foods high in fat and sugar.

When children eat better, they do better.

Healthy and Nutritious

All the meals provided at the Academy are prepared and cooked on the premises by our own staff, using high quality fresh ingredients. Seasonal menus are devised by our Catering Manager to create variety for students.

There is a different menu every day, and students are offered a choice of at least two different hot meals plus there is a selection of cold meals to choose from – such as a salad or a sandwich, roll or wrap, with a choice of fillings.┬áThere is a choice of a fruit-juice based drinks, and fresh water is readily available.

Our meals meet the government’s Food Standards, which mean they contain:

  • Important nutrients needed by young people
  • Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables every day
  • Fresh meat and/or fish
  • Lots of wholegrain cereals
  • Low levels of fat and sugar

At the Academy, we use the Cunninghams Catering Services Biometric System to pay for meals.

Is your child eligible for FREE School Meals?