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Free School Meals

Approximately 20% of parents are eligible for FREE School Meals for their children, but are not registering to take up this opportunity. Make sure you – and your child – are not missing out!

If you are currently paying for your child’s school meals you could make a saving of around £350 per year (if you are eligible for Free School Meals for your child). If your child is eligible for Free School Meals and you switch from providing them with packed lunches each day, you could save yourself up to 190 hours per year!

Applying for FREE School Meals has now been made even easier!

Applications for Free School Meals (for students currently attending The Victory Academy) are now administrated directly by the Academy – making it quicker and easier for parents to apply.

There is just one simple ‘Eligibility Form’ to complete.

The information given is checked, and the Academy is able to inform parents within just a few days if they qualify to receive School Meals for their child FREE of any charge (while their child attends the Academy).

All applications are made in the strictest confidence, and all information about Free School Meals is kept totally confidential.

Is your child eligible for FREE School Meals? FIND OUT NOW…

Who to Contact?

If you would like to know more about the eligibility for FREE School Meals, or an Eligibility Form, please contact The Victory Academy FREE School Meals Administrator: