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Virtual Open Day

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Welcome to
The Victory Academy Open Day

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Mrs Michelle Smith

“Hi, hello and welcome to The Victory Academy’s Virtual Open Day page, I am delighted that you have chosen to join us, and excited to share everything with you what makes us unique.

“This page will give you a real sense of our school, of the energy and enthusiasm that drives our teachers. We are committed to transforming the life chances of our students, supporting and encouraging them to achieve their personal best.

“As part of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust we use Thinking Tools, to help our students develop their life skills so they are equipped for success and ready for life after school.

“The Victory Academy is the heart of our local community of Chatham; which we celebrate and instill as a sense of belonging in all of our students. Our belief is that everyone is unique – everyone has gifts and talents that we seek to grow and nurture. Join us to become part of that community too.”

Top three things you need to know about Our Trust

1. WHO THEY ARE: You may hear us referring to our Trust as TSAT, this stands for Thinking Schools Academy Trust. Affectionately nicknamed Our Trust, it’s effectively the family name for the 17 schools in Our Trust, The schools within Our Trust are situated across Medway, Deal and Hampshire.

2. WHY A THINKING SCHOOL IS THE ONE FOR YOUR CHILD: A Thinking School challenges students to think deeply about their thinking, to be their best self and to gain the knowledge, tools and skills to shape their success in a life beyond school. The children and young people we’re presently educating will retire around 2070. According to experts most of the jobs our children will have don’t even exist yet, and this is why developing skills to think independently and become life-long learners is so important.

3. HOW A THINKING SCHOOL WORKS: Our cognitive approach to education defines us but does not create a ‘one size fits all’. Each and every member of the TSAT family is equally as important and shares a direction and ethos; put simply, we believe that we are stronger together. Our schools work with each student so they are aspirational and ready to move forward and understand their role within their local community and beyond. The Thinking School approach to education is unique and we believe that it genuinely transforms the life chances of our children, teaching them the critical thinking skills they need to be resilient in life after school.

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For more information visit the TSAT site

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Victory’s Thinking Tools

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Hear from Head of Year 7, students and team


Exam Success
We are very proud of our students and their achievements. Students excel at The Victory Academy and this is so apparent in their exam results. You can find out more by visiting our news section and taking a look at our GCSE and A Level articles.

Student and Parent Testimonials

Year 7 Students

Seren – “It has been the best time of my life. I have made so many new friends! It is a big school but it’s like a bigger version of Primary. Social time is great, we play games and hang out and it is so much fun. The best thing about being in Year 7 is that there are so many nice teachers and Mrs Crane-Herbert is the best head of year and she helps us all out a lot.”


Carmen – “The term has been very hectic and different but this is definitely the best school in Kent. The Heads of year are excellent and help with everything. There is a large selection of delicious food. When I was in Year 6, I was worried about making friends, but I’ve made some amazing ones here!”


Frankie – “My first term in Year 7 has been great because all the teachers are great and you can make friends quickly. In work terms we revise everything that we have done in primary school and learn really exciting things. If you are polite and respectful you will shine like a star and be an amazing ‘Victory Citizen’.”


Stefan – “My first term at The Victory Academy was quite interesting and I have loved it. The teachers are amazing. Student Services also help me out on my way into my second term. The school made the transition from primary school easy.”


Ismila – “I am one of many Year 7 pupils at The Victory Academy. I believe The Victory Academy is a school that allows pupils to achieve what they want to achieve. This school gives us lots of opportunities that others just didn’t provide. All members of staff are excellent especially our Head of Year.”


Shayla – “My first term was great! I had brilliant teachers and I met lots of people and if you’re wondering if you’re going to get bullied. Don’t worry! It always gets sorted out quickly by Mrs Crane-Herbert. I was bullied in Year 6 and when it started in Year 7 our Head of Year dealt with it straight away and I’ve not had any issues since. The food is great! It’s a great school, I really recommend you come.”


Sarah – “The first term in Year 7 was awesome, I loved it I made a lot of friends. I really like the teachers they are so friendly and kind. My favourite subject is English. I really enjoy the first term.”


William – “When I first came to Victory, all the teachers and students are welcoming. I especially like Design Technology as it is so practical. Also in every lesson the teachers are so kind and always helpful. And the food is amazing!”


Brooke – “If you have a problem you can go to Student Services and Mrs Crane-Herbert our Head of Year. In the Galley they have the best cookies! You should have no fear it is calm and nice you don’t have to worry you will be safe and have lots of fun.  Also, if you like art, English, maths they have every subject here and I love them all!”


Emily – “My first term in Year 7 has been amazing, everyone is really friendly and kind all the teachers are really lovely too, especially the Head of Year. All lessons are pretty normal and if you need help all teachers will help. It has been different due to Corona but we are being kept safe and healthy.”


“My child has settled in well and is enjoying the variety of lessons. He speaks very highly of how approachable the teachers are and how they always have a smile of their faces and are willing to help with anything.”


“My son started secondary without knowing anyone there. I was worried for him but he settled in very well and he’s made friends since day one. He likes his new teachers and feels comfortable to seek their help if he needs it. I am very happy with all the updates, information and communication received from Mrs Crane-Herbert.”


“Our daughter is too shy to ask teachers anything but I get the impression they are all very approachable. School communication has been the best I’ve ever experienced through the Facebook page and the MyEd App long may it continue. Thank you Mrs Crane-Herbert for keeping us all informed.”


“My son was so nervous about attending secondary especially as he has additional learning needs. The support we received as a family and our son as a student has been exemplary and many of the behaviour issues he experienced in primary school have not presented themselves in secondary. We could not be happier that we chose The Victory Academy.”


“My son has loved his first few weeks at Victory. He has several ‘favourite’ lessons and has made friends quickly. Any issues we have had have been sorted quickly through Mrs Crane-Herbert and the team in Student Services.”


“We had reservations at first due to the reputation of the school before it was Victory. We were so wrong to worry! Our daughter has flourished in confidence since attending and the support of the staff has been outstanding. We had one issue of a pupil saying mean things to our daughter and no sooner had I called Mrs Crane-Herbert, it was resolved and we haven’t had any issues since. So pleased with The Victory Academy and our daughter loves it there.”

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Sports Facilities and our APD Football Academy

We have a wide range of sports that take place at The Victory Academy.  Physical activity plays a significant role in the lives of our students and in addition to their weekly PE lessons, there are regular opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities. We have a range of sports including football, netball, badminton, basketball, rounders and athletics to name but a few. Opportunities are available for students to engage in a range of inta-school fixtures and competitions as well.

Students will also have use of our gym, providing them with access to free weights and resistance machines, to help them to maintain their fitness.

In addition to a great selection of physical activities, students also have the opportunity when they enter into Sixth Form, to work with top coaches at Advanced Players Development, our Football Academy provider.


Read more about APD

Do you have what it takes to be a sea cadet?

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Medway Victory Sea Cadets give young people an experience that will help them grow into the individuals they want to be in a safe and friendly environment. Through various activities and adventures, we learn teamwork, respect, loyalty, self-confidence, commitment, self-discipline, honesty and how to be the best version of ourselves.

Catering at The Victory Academy

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Chartwells are the caterers at The Thinking Schools Academy Trust. Their team are innovative in their commitment to finding imaginative new ways to enhance the student experience, making school food delicious and appealing.

The food is prepared from fresh, sustainable, locally sourced ingredients.  All Chartwells menus are compliant with the School Food Standards as set out in the School Food Plan and approved by a qualified nutritionist.


Photo Gallery

School uniform

As soon as it is deemed safe to hold a uniform fitting event, information will be communicated to parents/carers. The Victory Academy uniform suppliers are Simmonds and Sons School wear, details can be found via their website. The Academy Uniform Policy can be found on our website. It includes compulsory items that all must be purchased from Simmonds:


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